Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm 33 for a moment

Another year has come and gone.
Looking back I remember elementary school, living in the small, safe town of Park City.
I remember middle school and high school; the tough times of being a teenager and not knowing who I was.
I clearly remember my single college years in Idaho. What a blessing those few years were. I had an amazing time with roommates and friends who were great examples to me.
I remember the eventful years of my twenties that included marriage, graduation, employment, and three children.
With each year and season in life brings experience and growth, failures and regrets, monotony and change, adventure and surprises.

Here are 33 things I will remember when I look back at the time I was 33 for a moment:

·Cancun with Jason, my kids, and other family members brother Jason, McKenzie, Ryland, Martell, and Jen.
·Fabulous adult river trip down Cataract Canyon near Moab with ALL my siblings, their spouses, and my parents.
·Girls trip to St. George and canyoneering in Zions National Park.
·Las Vegas with my family and seeing two of my greatest girlfriends Angie and Janet.
·Buying my first road bike.
·Getting used to my bike by riding the 25 mile Salt Lake Marathon bike tour with Jared and Casey.
·My first triathlon “The Fourth Street Clinic Triathlon and 5 K”. I had 7 friends and 4 family members do the tri and 9 family members do the 5 K including my kids.
·My second triathlon in Provo.
·My third triathlon in Burley Idaho.
·Riding 80 miles in the Little Red Riding Hood bike ride in Logan with family and friends.
·Jason graduated after 12 years of anticipation.
·Pulled off the biggest surprise week to celebrate his graduation.
·Did not quit my job as I was looking forward to doing for nine years. I feel it is the right thing to do for now.
·Started texting.
·Started a blog.
·Started facebooking.
·First year that I did not go to Disneyland since having kids.
·Have a T.V. in our bedroom for the 1st time ever. (Jason's idea.)
·Haven’t gotten sick one time.
·Had the Santa talk with my 9 year-old boy.
·Had the sex talk with my 9 year-old boy. (Chandler's in the stage of wanting to be a man.)
·Had the maturation talk with my 8 year-old girl. (Ashtyn's in the stage of wanting to be a teenager.)
·Had the “you don’t need to like boys and it's fine to still like Barbi's" talk with my 6 year-old girl. (Morgan is in the content don't listen to your sister.)
·Had the “this is the time out chair “ talk with my 2 year-old boy. (Ethan is in the stage of demanding his own way.)
·Had the “you need to convert to Diet Dr. Pepper” talk with my 34 year-old husband. (Jason is in the slow metabolism stage.)
·Have felt a connection and made great friends in my ward.
·Know the name of every woman in my ward.
·My brother Jared and his wife Nanette moved into a house across the street from me.
·My sister-in-law Trisha, husband Ryan, and their two kids moved into a different house across the street. (This is in addition to my sister-in-law Kristi, her husband Matt, and their kids who live next door.)
·I am comfortable in saying that Jason and I will not be moving from our house for many years to come.
·My marriage is better than ever.
·I feel I am in my prime.
·I’m still trying to improve.

I am now thirty-four and I know it will only be for a moment. I look forward to being on this earth for another 33 years and to then look back and remember my 30's, 40's, and 50's. And then live another 33 years after that.

There are too many things I want to improve on to list, but to sum up, I just hope with each year I am a better person than the last.

Since I only have a hundred years to live on this earth I sure hope I am making the most of it. Dream big and live each and every day because when each season is over I’m going to miss it.

My wonderful friend Lisa reminded me of the most important thing I want to conquer:
"Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” Henry James

Two vacations to remember

February 2008

Cataract Canyon Rivertrip
MAY 2008