Sunday, September 14, 2008

She's a believer

This is a letter written by Ashtyn after the Tooth Fairy
did a no show two nights in a row.

She was so excited that the Tooth Fairy wrote back.
(little blue pen hand writing)

There are a few words that you could use to describe Ashtyn. Some may use the words gullible, naive, ditsy, or air headed. I'll just call her trusting.

She always has been.

When Ashtyn was a bit younger her uncle Casey told her that she should put her gum in her hair. "OK."

A week ago my kids slept at my parents' house. The next day I asked Ashtyn what she did with Grandpa and Grandma. "We played tennis, and on the way back to their house (1 mile away) there were all these detours (4 miles worth) that lead us to McDonald's... (weird)."

The other day Chandler and Ashtyn were talking about how good the school orange chicken lunch was. Ashtyn informed us, "Did you know that it's not really chicken, it's squid. The lunch worker told me."

I tried to explain to Ashtyn that sometimes people lie, sometimes people are kidding, and sometimes people are telling the truth. Sincerely she asked, "But how can I tell the difference?"

I love the innocence and sweetness of Ashtyn. She reminds me that people believe what they hear so it's best to speak kindly.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer has come and gone already

Does anyone besides me feel like we got robbed this past summer? It didn't warm up from our nine month winter until June 9th. There was no spring. The less the 3 month summer went by so fast I wasn't sure summer even existed. I had to look at my June, July, and August pictures... they proved that YES, though it flew by, summer 2008 did indeed exist. Short and sweet.




Tidal Wave

Ethan's first day...

second day he got the hang of it


Uintahs -Teapot Lake

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Morgan dunking Chandler on the 24th of July

Thank you Casey and Alisa!!!

Jason and Chandler


Driving to the Uintahs

Lily Lake campground

Playing hide and go seek in the trees

exploring in the dark