Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm baaaack!

When I started my blog 2 ½ years ago I called it “A blog about nothing”. Mostly it was a title that I felt would fit the audience, if anyone would ever read it. I knew my blog would generally not be very clever, insightful, or particularly entertaining, hence to the reader it would basically be about nothing. After neglecting the blog scene for over a year I have realized that my blog was about something to me. It helped imprint life moments in my brain. Not only could I remember experiences through reading back but they were more imbedded in my brain from writing them down in the first place. I wish I would have written posts this past year. I know I had some great learning experiences both pleasant and difficult. I am going to have a hard time remembering moments that seemed small and insignificant at the time but probably had a great impact on me. I’ll post my Christmas card. It’s pretty superficial but how do you wrap up a year in one page? In the future I will write in my blog whenever I want or need to remember something. Most of the time I feel my life is full of small and simple experiences but when I look back over a period of time I recognize the great things that have happened. My blog will help me remember and enjoy all my moments.


We want to express our love to you this season and hope you know that we are truly grateful for your friendship.

JASON feels fortunate to work at his dream job at Intermountain Medical Center as an anesthesiologist. Though he loves his job he tries to work as little as possible which happens to be about 60+ hours a week. Sitting in the hot tub is his favorite place to unwind. Free time includes BYU football season tickets and he stands strong while getting “harassed” by our mostly Red neighborhood. Helps coach Chandler’s hockey and baseball teams. Not normally talented in the art field but designed the backyard deck that was built. Loves folding laundry because it gives him a chance to sit and watch TV for 15 min. Not a lot of chill time so embraces any chance he can to golf at his home course.

SUZANNE I’m thrilled to be retired from my nursing job of 10 years. My time is spent with my kids and the Young Women in my ward. Each hour that goes into these two callings is such a blessing and has shaped my entire life. I also get to watch my 17 month old niece at least once a week while my sister works. During the summer I enjoy boating. My new love is wakesurfing and wakeboarding. I did the Salt Lake 1/2 marathon and a triathlon in Vegas just to keep myself focused on working out as much as I talk to my family and friends at the gym.

CHANDLER (11 years old): Plays hockey in the winter, baseball in the spring, and golf in the summer. Loves playing the guitar.

ASHTYN (10 years old): friends, cheerleading, singing, piano, and skiing.

MORGAN ( 8 years old): monkey bars, piano, cheerleading, hopscotch, and wakeboarding.

ETHAN (4 years old): our dog Indy, preschool, DS, Xbox, Wii.

INDY (1 ½ years old): Almost died from a rat poison overdose. Oops!

OUR FAMILY: We added a new member to our home for 6 months. A 17 year old neighbor girl got clean, sober, went back to school, did a TON of makeup work, graduated, and started at Snow College in August.
February: Disney Cruise with Jason’s sister, her family, and his mom and dad.
May: Adult trip to Zion’s National Park with my siblings, their spouses, and my parents.
June: Our first Lake Powell trip with some of Jason’s siblings.
July: Houseboat Lake Powell trip with all the Hosenfelds and my sister in law’s parents.
August: In charge of Youth Conference. Took teenage boys and girls from the neighborhood to Park City and boated for a couple of days.
October: Went to Texas to visit friends from BYU and to watch the BYU/TCU football game.
November: Heard this phrase often: “Is Dad STILL at work?” So Jason took a week off and we took the kids to Disneyland.
The rest of the months were filled with life’s activities.

We love you all and know that our life is full because of the friends we’ve made and the memories we have together.