Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whatcha been up to lately?

Nothing much...except:

In August I was feeling disappointed that summer was going by so fast and was quickly coming to an end. It hit me, as it commonly does, that time is rushing by and I'm having a hard time holding on without it slipping away. I've had eleven summers with Chandler and I only have eight more before he leaves the house. Since having kids I've always sensed how fast time goes. When I'm 50 years old I suspect I'll have certain thoughts and feelings when all my kids are out of the house. I'll be amazed and saddened how fast those years went. I can imagine myself saying, "It seems like just yesterday it was 2009. I remember some things clear as day and other things I don't remember because it all happened so fast." What regrets will I have and what did I miss that I shouldn't have? How do I absorb these years with my kids so that I'm ready when they leave? In a strategic attempt to make the most of my short summers and find a way to have my upcoming teenagers want to hang out with me...we bought a boat. We might use it as a type of enticing bribery for the time when my kids would rather hang with their cool friends over their overbearing and annoying parents...I hope it works.




Adults can have fun too.




My girlfriends
Rosanne and Jess

At the end of August I was given 14 teenagers that I get to spend time with at least every Wednesday and Sunday! It's been way fun! These girls are awesome to hang with and I know I'm going to be a better person after knowing them.

Then there was upstate New York

We visited the town and house my dad grew up in. Visited my grandpa and grandma's grave.
Went on lots of scenic walks

Niagara Falls

We rode bikes 14 miles along the Erie Canal

My favorite place we went to was the Sacred Grove. As we walked along the path that surrounded the mature trees there was a strong spirit of reverence that I didn't expect to feel. That seemingly simple groove of trees had an obvious spirit that made it clear to me we stood in a sacred place. I have never felt the spirit like that and knew I had never been in a more holy place. I have been blessed to go to many beautiful and amazing places and there has been nothing more impressive to me than the Sacred Grove.