Sunday, March 8, 2009

Either my kids are really stupid or we are fantastic liars.

We surprised the kids with a family vacation:

Before Disney World:

We went shopping for summer clothes in 30 degree weather.
I packed for one week and had several suitcases in my room.
For a week the kids had to do double the homework... and didn't wonder why.
Everyone else knew.
A few people asked them, "You're going to be out of town next week, right?" "No."
We told the kids that before school we needed to take their grandma to the airport. "Grandma, it's your lucky day. I wish we were going on vacation."
At the airport we unloaded 6 suitcases. Chandler said, "Mom, I have a dumb question, but why are there so many airplanes." (Don't you think the question should have been something else...?)
After getting them out of the car and backpacks on Morgan said, "Great. We are going to stay here for two hours."
Chandler was upset he was going to miss chorus.
I finally had to repeat a few times.
"Do you want to go on vacation?"

After Disney World we told the kids we were going to the airport to go home.
We boarded a bus with "Disney Cruise Line" written in huge lettering on the side of the bus.
When boarding a lady said, "Have a great cruise." Jason dismissed her as being crazy.
The 60 minute bus ride had a 60 minute movie about the cruise.
When we got to the cruise terminal Jason said, "We got on the wrong bus. It took us to the cruise instead of the airport. We better go in and figure out how to get a bus back to the airport."
They didn't figure it out until the cruise greeting crew convinced them.